Looking For The Best Italian Pizza Restaurant in Miami, FL? Think We May Found It For You!


Spris Artisan Pizza has been a full-service pizzeria on Lincoln Road since 1998. Backed by over 25 years of experience in the restaurant business, we invite you to enjoy the delicious flavor of our authentic Italian pizza and friendly customer service. And we’re proud to bring you our new locations of Spris Artisan Pizza, with a new look, but the same quality pizza you’ve come to love!

“Great real Italian food, amazing service. Love it!”

“The pizza at Spris is the closest to taste like an authentic Italian Pizza.”

“One of the best pizza in the town is Spris Artisan Pizza. The crust is thin and crunchy. The cheese is very cheese, and we loved it!”

“Honestly, I come here for their lasagna super delicious! Better than I expected.”

“I love this pizza spot. Great food, great menu, and great atmosphere.”

Spris Artisan Pizza is an authentic Italian pizza concept featuring specialty Italian dishes cooked in our brick oven, artisan-style pizzas, fresh-baked paninis, and crisp, delicious salads. For the best Italian pizza restaurant in Miami, FL. Contact us at (305) 576-0999 or visit our website today for more information.


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